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WG Letterfly - Motorhome Truck

Few things turn as many heads as matching the painted graphics on your motorhome with those on your dinghy vehicle. The key to accomplishing the perfect custom paint job is finding the right artist with the skills to create and the know-how with automotive paints in the right facility. Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer has been hand-painting images and décor since 1971, with 20 of those years exclusively serving the RV industry. After visualizing the design, and drawing the concept right before your eyes, the dinghy vehicle is painted using the same color used by the manufacturers, and protected with the same acrylic urethane clearcoat found on European luxury sedans. Knoderer also creates hand-lettered inscriptions, gold-leaf monograms and airbrushed murals on the backs of motorhomes. Letterfly offers his services during the winter months at ArtPark near Tampa, Florida; contact the company for pricing.

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