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If you have trouble with, or are simply tired of, screwing on the TV cable to the hookup when you arrive at a campsite, we found an easier way. We bought two F-type push-on coaxial quick connectors that screw onto each end of the TV cable (these stay on the cable). One end connects to the RV’s cable hookup, and the other connects to the campground post. To hookup, just push the connector onto the post. This stays in place until you remove it. We paid $2.99 each at RadioShack, but any electronics store (or many online stores) should have them.

Sue Hankins and Pat Yacklon | Torrance, California



  1. This is the way I used to do it also. But a campground owner told me that such a method wore down the threads on his cable ends after many uses, so he had to replace them. He politely asked that I not use the quick connects in his park. I fully understood and have since gone to using the special “wrenches” available at some RV stores and online. The quick connects don’t make for a very secure connection anyway, and the wrenches (one at home and one in my motorhome’s utilities bay with the coax cable reel, are handy for supplying solid connections behind video devices.

  2. As a person formerly employed in the audio/video capture and distribution industry, I wish people would stop recommending these push-on RG6 data connectors. Like your plumbing, LP gas, hydraulic, and other connectors, coaxial data connectors are threaded for a reason.

    If you have ever had a professional cable / cable modem installation done in your home, you will notice permanently installed plastic collars that serve as a type of socket wrench for these connectors, with one end mated to the hex-head of a coaxial cable connector, and the other end, a half-inch behind this hex-head, that can more readily be gripped and manipulated by human fingers.

    Make the proper connection. I’m told that I’m infamously bad at analogies, but do YOU use plumber’s tape? Plumber’s putty? Right.

    Invest in something like the “F Connector Installation & Removal Tool,” made by “Holland Electronics” and available at Amazon. (https://www.amazon.com/F-Connector-Installation-Removal-Tool/dp/B000G7ZGNI) This will ensure that you connect the cable as it was intended; snugly, and properly threaded. Best, it can be slipped on and off a cable with ease, ensuring that every coaxial connection in your RV is the right one with a single purchase.

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