Tow Dolly Question

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

We purchased a used Monaco 40-foot Class A motorhome with a 400-hp diesel engine. The car we want to tow is a 4,300-pound automatic front-wheel-drive automobile, so we will need a tow dolly. The tow dolly I am looking at has hydraulic disc brakes. Do I need to purchase an in-car electric brake system?
Steve Driscoll
Kansas City, Kan.

Some front-wheel-drive cars with automatic transmissions are flat towable, Steve. Did you look it up in Motor-Home’s annual Guide to Dinghy Towing? I believe the dolly brakes meet legal requirements for towed-vehicle braking in all states, and should be sufficient for flatland towing. However, please review the laws of the states you intend to travel in; here’s a URL of one guide: If there was concern about having maximum possible stopping power, such as in the mountains, an in-car system would provide additional braking for the car’s rear axle.

— Ken Freund


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  1. am new to the rv world. Ilike to fish and have a 17ft. boat to tow with a fleetwood flair . I have seen very few class A’s pulling boats. Question.. wha to do about boat launching ?? I hesitate to launch using my motor home. What do other RVr’s do??


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