RV Tech Savvy: CD Player Quits

Stopped CD Clip art

You asked MotorHome:

We have a 2003 Gulf Stream Conquest Ultra and the CD player has never worked right. It starts out just fine, but after about 45 minutes it just quits. I assume it has something to do with the heat from the engine. Do you have any ideas on how we can fix this problem? We live in Alaska and radio reception is spotty.

Mary Smith | via email

Our Expert’s Reply:

Since it takes that long to quit, there’s a good possibility that heat buildup is the culprit. If the radio doesn’t quit, but the CD does, it’s likely that the electric motor stops. I suggest removing the unit from the dash, but leaving it connected and hanging out of the opening in the dash. If the CD player still quits, you can consider installing a small 12-volt DC “muffin” fan behind the radio chassis to cool it off. Otherwise, replacement is the next step.



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