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The March issue had a letter from Don Marino about an ABS light. I had the same problem on a 1999 Georgie Boy motorhome with a Ford F53 chassis. I took it to a truck repair facility and they diagnosed it as a rear-wheel sensor. They got one from another dealer and had it installed. It is reached from the outside and not internally in the differential housing. I have traveled thousands of miles since, and no light comes on (although when I first start up it shows it is being checked by the computer and then goes out). I hope this helps someone else.

Bud Pearson | Indianapolis, Ind.

It is normal for the anti-lock braking system (ABS) to go through a self-test sequence following each engine start, where it illuminates the warning light. In fact, if it doesn’t do that, have it checked. The coach must be driven several feet so the computer can confirm it is receiving satisfactory signals from the wheel sensors before it turns off the light. Some manufacturers get their rear-wheel speed signals from the differential rather than out at the wheels. This is less expensive than having two sensors, and two separate ABS circuits controlling the left and right sides individually, but it is not as sensitive or precise in controlling wheel skid. Still, it is better than not having it. Many ABS problems are due to sensor problems. Owners should keep in mind that brake fluid absorbs moisture, which lowers the boiling temperature of the fluid and causes corrosion and expensive damage in the brake system. Brake fluid should be replaced and the system flushed every two years in most climates. Failure to do so can lead to dangerous failures and costly repairs, especially to the ABS controls.

— Ken Freund

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  1. I own a 2008 Winnebago Adventurer Limited, Gas Pusher. On a recent trip from Montgomery, AL., to Detroit, MI., my ABS and ATC lights came on, were flashing and stayed on most of the 850 trip. Whenever I stopped to refuel, the lights would go off for a few miles, and then come back on.

    The thought came to me to stop, unscrew the brake fluid cap and pump the brakes about 30 times. To my surprise, the lights stayed off for two to three hundred miles. I had two workhorse certified shops look at my situation. They both told me that some codes had tripped, and they reset them.

    I need to know what caused the codes to trip. Also, I thought they would check my sensors for failure and or corrosion, but they didn’t.

    Is there something I can do to determine and fix this problem? My braking was not affected, and I didn’t smell any brake fluid burning. But prior to this continuous problem, I noticed that when I had to brake frequently when driving through city traffic, both lights would briefly come on, and then go off.

    Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    G/ Webster

  2. I have a 1999 Itasca f53 with abs lite troubles and it has speedometer trouble and it shifts hard I have replaced all sencers and cleaned reluckers and checked wiring still cant make this system to work something this exspencive should not be such a proublem any help will be grateful thank you for the place to speak my mind

  3. I would like to know how trouble shoot the A.B.S. light on my 2007 national pacific motorhome with a freightliner chaise. also i would like to know how to remove the wheel sencers

  4. I have 2005 holiday rambler with Cummings Diesel engine. The ABS light stays on speedometer doesn’t work and so I don’t know for sure how fast it’s going but seems slower than it should. Is there a fuse for ABS if so where is it

  5. On our 2006 revolution, the MH was parked for a few weeks. When I tried to start it the batteries were low and would not turn starter enough to finish start. I Finally got it started by using support starter and start from RV together. This worked but when I turned off the Engine and tried to start again, no doing. The ABS light would come on but as the engine warmed up all was ok. I’M on my way here in a few min to see whats up with it now as the batteries were on charge over night.

  6. ABS Brake & Traction Control Lights
    We purchased a 2021 Bounder in September 2020. The ABS & Traction Control light comes on at approximately 70 miles per hour. The right wheel speed sensor was changed at Mid Tenn Ford. After the repair we have traveled 1600 miles and the light comes on every time you approach 70 miles per hour. It has now been to Ford 3 times. Lights come on and they stay on and always disconnects cruise control. This is leaving me to suspect a right side lose connection or bad wheel speed sensor. Has anyone else has these issues? Thanks

    • Hi Hawk, I just purchased a 2021 Forest River FR3, F53 series, w/ 1700 miles on it. From the day I picked it up, the ABS light was on (along with the TCS light and no Cruise Control). After a few miles down the road at about 50 mph, the light went out. I now have 2,044 miles, and between 344 miles, the light comes on all the time, between 60-70 mph. I made several appointments to Ford, but every time I’m en route, or pull in the lot, the LIGHT GOES OUT! I’m making another appointment, hopefully Ford will replace the sensors. I hope the problem will be corrected.


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