Q & A: Dinghy Towing

Q. Where can we get information on what vehicles are approved by their
manufacturer for towing behind a motorhome (dinghy towing)?

A. Franchised
dealers should have this information on their current model-year vehicles. MotorHome
magazine publishes an annual Dinghy Towing Guide. Several years’ data is available here www.motorhome.com/download-dinghy-guides


  1. I am just looking for a list of Autos / Suv’s etc that can be towed 4-wheels down behind a motor home. Let me decide what type want kind I want or how I want to use it. Don’t run on about a list of autos on the page and not give the location of the list. Make it simple for RV users. Make it easier… Just give us a good list of autos that are 4-wheel down towable.

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