Preserve Tire Life

Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

My question pertains to motorhome tires I just purchased. These are 245/70R19.5 Goodyear tires. Motorhome tires are normally replaced before their treads are gone. What is a general rule for the life expectancy of motorhome tires? Should I wait until a certain mileage, or how old should the tires be before I start replacing them? Also, what do you recommend on helping to preserve their life span?
Will Hussey | Jacksonville, Fla.

Most tire manufacturers recommend replacement every seven years or sooner. I rarely hear of tire failures due to age before five years, and I think a lot of owners who are reporting earlier failures may not be aware that their tires were manufactured long before they were purchased. Most motorhomes don’t wear out the tires before that age, and you should replace them when tread is at the minimum legal depth if you drive a lot, or by age as recommended by the manufacturer, whichever occurs first. 

To preserve them, ensure they are always properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s load-inflation table and keep them covered to block the sun when parked.

— Ken Freund

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  1. It is also very important to keep your tires covered from the elements. This is a huge lifesaving must for tires that remain idle for long periods. You should also use tire treatment free of silicone. Silicone keeps the rubber from “breathing” causing early deteriorization. It also causes more heat from the sun, which is a bad enemy of tires.


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