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I have a 40-foot Monaco Diplomat with a 2,000-watt inverter. When I am hooked up to shorepower and turn on the radio/surround sound, the electrical buzzing is so loud that I cannot listen to the radio. I have tried grounding the inverter, but no change. I have turned down the gain on amplifier, but then I have to turn up the volume way too loud, and again hear the static. Any recommendations on what to try? I’d love to listen to my radio and satellite radio without interference. Please help.

– John Kaluska | Via email

You didn’t mention the make and model of inverter you have. It may be a modified sine wave unit, which may not be compatible with your audio system. Have you tried running the system temporarily on another (true sine wave) inverter to eliminate that as a noise source? That is what I would try first.

— Ken Freund

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  1. I have virtually no AM reception in my coach when moving down the road. Either static or no stations.
    Is the cause based on a short antenna that is mounted on the chassis frame on the class C motorhome? It does not reach up above the cabover.


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