Flexible Power Cord?

RV 30-amp shorepower cord from SmartPlug


I own a 2009 Roadtrek Class B motorhome. The power cord gets stiff below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Are there any companies that make a 30-amp cord that stays flexible in the cold?

Mel Eberly | via emai


This is a widely overlooked problem. I checked around and found the Mighty Cord Replacement Hardwire RV Power Cord No. A10-3025END. This cord is 25 feet long and is rated for minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s available from Etrailer.com (800-298-8924, www.etrailer.com). SmartPlug (206-285-2990, www.smartplug.com) also offers solutions in 30- and 50-amp configurations. 


  1. Two comments on the stiff RV power cords. The basic problem is the outer covering of the cord, most RV cords have a vinyl plastic outer covering. This vinyl gets stiff in colder weather. A higher quality, and more expensive, neoprene rubber outer covering maintains flexibility in when cold and is easier to handle in both cold and warm weather.
    However, if you are using your RV in colder weather you probably won’t be using the air conditioners, AC being the primary reason for a 30 or 50 amp connection on most RV’s. In this case a regular 20 amp / 12AWG extension cord should be sufficient to operate lighting, chargers and small appliances. Use of heat producing appliances would require the use of the heavier 30 or 50 amp cord and electrical connection. This would include electric range top, electric oven, electric space heaters and simultaneous use of more than one counter top appliance such as a coffee maker, microwave and toaster. And please remember, longer cord length require heavier gauge cords due to electrical resistance.


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