Engine Dies When Stopping

I have a 1998 35-foot Forest River on a 1997 Ford chassis with a 7.5-liter fuel-injected V-8 and 80,000 miles. The engine sometimes dies when I stop at a red light. I have to shift into neutral, restart and keep my foot on the gas pedal to get going again. This doesn’t occur all the time. It usually happens after driving a while, but recently it died after 10 miles. I’ve replaced the gas filter, EGR valve and the idle control valve with no change. Where do I go from here?
Ed Wybranowsk | Via email

This stalling could be caused by the torque converter not unlocking when you come to a stop. This can be checked with a professional-type scan tool set to monitor that function. You mentioned some parts replaced. An EGR valve sticking open or a faulty idle speed control (ISC) could be the cause, but so could an invalid signal to either component. A pro scan tool should be used to monitor the signals going to them. Also, measure fuel pressure, as this is a common problem with these engines.




  1. We just bought are 2017 Tuscany Thor 42gx and when I start the engine it shuts off within a few minutes. Help


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