Cranks But Won’t Start


I bought a 1990 Fleetwood Limited with a Ford 7.5-L (460 cid) engine. It cranks fine, but it will not start. It has fuel pressure going to the injectors. It runs with starting fluid until the fluid runs out and then it dies. I did a “noid” test and none of the injectors lit up. I switched the computer from my other Fleetwood with the same year, engine and transmission, which works OK. That, however, gave the same results. Your advice would be appreciated.

Jose Perez l Ellenwood, Ga.

You’ll need a factory shop manual (you can order one from for this one, a scan tool and probably a dual-trace labscope. Assuming that the replacement computer is good, it’s likely that it is not getting certain needed inputs, such as crankshaft or camshaft position, which are needed before the computer will begin to activate fuel injectors. Check for stored trouble codes and correct them as needed. If none are found, start methodically checking the inputs going to the computer. This is where you’ll need the labscope.

— Ken Freund

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  1. I’m looking at purchasing a 1994 RV with a 460 fuel injection motor.. lady said it ran last summer and was out of fuel. Put 20 gallons in, I can here the in tank fuel pump (3 years old ).. running .. starts with starting fluid . Owners dad “blew out” the lines lines and she said it started… Was wondering if there is a secondary mechanical pump on engine or anything else I should check
    Thank you in advance!!!


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