Coach Radio Glitch


My motorhome’s AM/FM in-dash radio works great and picks up all stations when in coach mode. However, when the ignition key is turned to on the radio picks up very few stations, also a lot of static. This happens when the engine is not running and just the key is on. Do you have any suggestions?

Bruce Dimon l Via email

Either the radio is receiving more interference from the motorhome when the ignition is on, or it may be getting less voltage in the ignition-on mode, which could reduce performance. First, measure the voltage going to the radio in both modes, using a digital voltmeter. If the voltages are the same, start checking for a source of electrical noise or static. Do this by removing one fuse at a time to disable various circuits that may have a device causing the problem. The static may be coming through with the voltage, or the antenna may be picking it up. If you can’t find the problem, take it to a good automotive stereo shop.

— Ken Freund

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