Coach & Powertrain: Spare Tire Separation


I’ve owned a 1995 Jayco Eagle motorhome for two years. When I bought it, it had a new set of tires. The other day I removed the spare tire cover and found that the tread had lifted off the tire and the steel belts had torn. The tire was fully inflated and appeared brand new (no signs that it had ever touched a paved surface). My motorhome faces east to west when parked, and the rear faces west. This summer in El Paso we have had more than 30 days of 100+ degree heat. Is it possible that the tread separated from being exposed to constant heat in a metal spare tire cover?

Dan Loweree | Horizon City, Texas

The tire may be original equipment and age deteriorated, which is not uncommon for spare tires. Check the date code at the end of the DOT number on the sidewall. If the date code (the last three or four numbers at the end) has three numbers, the tire was manufactured before calendar year 2000. For example, 065 would be the sixth week of 1995. In DOT numbers on tires manufactured after 2000 the date code has four numbers. The first two numbers indicate the week (01 to 52) the tire was manufactured and the second pair of numbers indicates the year (03 means 2003). For example, 0605 would be the sixth week of 2005.

– Ken Freund

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  1. We have purchased several class A motorhomes over the years and was the worst experience we have ever had. We purchased a 2007 used American Eagle which new was a $500000 motorhome at La Mesa Florida. They took almost a month to get the deal done. We recieved it the day before we left for home in Ohio. We were in Georgia when the front tv came down. I caught it and had to hold it until we got off the road. It was held in with two plastic ties. At our first storm the slide leaked in almost like a waterfall. We wanted a kingsize bed so they rebuilt the platform. They did it wrong and it went up in the middle like a tent shortly after the tv incident. During the rainstorm, rain water was pouring in the front windshield. We were also recieving coolant warning lights. The triptek and compass don’t work. All the main compartments leak. We recieved jack sensor warnings. We paid for a carpet sealer and the carpets were not even cleaned. The leather was never cleaned. The ice maker would not work. We paid for a external coating that was never done. The tray for the convection oven was missing. The monitor sensor panel didn’t work. The tv box for the 3 tv’s does not work. The cable tv does not work. Satalite only worked on front tv. Carbon monoxize detectors were dated 2003 and started chirping all the way home. There were no fire detectors. This was all on our two day trip home in April 2010. We contacted La Mesa and were told to go to Elkart and have it fixed. We went to Elkart and Paid $850 to fix the bed and $4500 to water proof the coach. We put coach in storage until June when we went for a week to Chicago. We put out the side and it wouldn’t work. We had a local repair man come e out and he did a temperary fix so that we could go to Chicage. We we got back we took the coach to him and found that all four motos were bad. One of the slide supports was bent. Teeth were missing on all the gears. The limit switches were set wrong so that the rollers were chewing up the side of the coach. It took until January 2012 until all parts were gotten and the items were fixed and almost $8500..

    We got to Florida in Febuary 2012 and contacted La Mesa. They told us that they would pay for the carpet cleaning $200 and the bed $850 if we would sign a letter stating that we would never contact them again. This really builds confidence in the company. They never even sent us the things need to set up the siris radio as the promised. It is pretty bad when your representive tells us that we deal with him and sign the letter because nothing will be done unless he okays it. Great pr isn’t it!


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