Coach & Powertrain: Solution To Blowing Fuses


The problems with the Workhorse chassis brakelight circuit on a 2001 Newmar Mountain Aire and a 2003 Winnebago Brave in past issues could be the same problem I had on my 2007 Newmar Canyon Star. An intermittent fuse problem turned out to be caused by an unsecured wiring harness falling against the exhaust manifold on the 8.1-l engine. The insulation on the backup light wiring (and some others) melted and would allow contact with the manifold at times. Only when I shifted to park through reverse while the reverse light wire was in contact with the manifold, would the fuse blow. It took a while to find this.

 — Virgil Sutherland | Llano, Texas

Thanks for writing, Virgil. I’ve heard of another one doing this and will pass it on as a possible cause.

 — Ken Freund

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