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Ken Freund Coach & Powertrain

There are two 6-volt flooded cell Trojan batteries in our coach; they are seven years old and still functioning well. There is nothing wrong with the batteries except they are getting old. I want to replace them with AGM batteries. Are there 6-volt AGM batteries on the market? I want to use two of them in series. I use solar panels with a controller and check the batteries monthly for water. They maintain about a 12.6-volt reading. Can I use solar panels on AGM batteries? If so, how do I maintain them if they do not require water? What safeguards are needed to ensure they are not being overcharged, either by the solar panels or the generator (operating a battery charger) when we use it?
Jason Albrecht | Austin, Texas

Yes, there are AGM 6-volt deep cycle batteries. Here is one source: Power Stride ( An Internet search for “AGM 6V deep cycle batteries” will yield more sources. A good controller for solar panels will maintain voltage properly. If you use a battery charger, use one that’s “automatic” and has an AGM setting so it controls the charging cutoff point.

— Ken Freund

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