Win the Rug War

floor protector

Because our motorhome came with light beige carpet, it is extremely difficult to keep clean – especially with grandkids along. I tried using the adhesive plastic film, but this is a pain to install and it had to be redone frequently. I tried using area rugs, but they would creep and bunch in the middle when walked on, and I’d always have to straighten and reposition them. I tried that material designed to go underneath to hold rugs in place, but it didn’t help.

Finally, I came upon a solution that really works. I bought clear plastic hall runners from Walmart (the ones with the tips or points that go into the carpet). They come in a 24-by-72-inch size and are inexpensive. I cut these into 4-inch strips and glued them to the underside of the rugs using 3M spray-on adhesive, attaching them to the perimeter and several strips to the interior area of the rug. Be sure the rugs have a rubber or similar backing, and spray the adhesive on both surfaces before attaching. The rugs now stay in place, eliminating an annoyance and a potential safety hazard.

Carroll Manning l Sonora, Calif.

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