This Trick Means Your Whisk Broom Stays Put

Quick Tips dog leash - Illustration

Ever notice how the front steps just inside the door of your motorhome get dirty with little pebbles and whatnot?
Mine aren’t anymore. I attached a small whiskbroom to a retracting dog leash that’s attached under a chair located inside the entrance door. This setup works great because the broom is always right there whenever I need to sweep dirt out the door. Once I’m done, the whiskbroom gets pulled right up underneath the chair. It’s out of sight and secure, never to be misplaced. Now my entry stairs are always clean.

Mitch Hagee | Kildeer, Illinois




  1. I need to access the April issue section where RV owners send in fix-it tips.
    Heard there was an answer to an electrical disconnect problem resulting in battery draining. We have a Fleetwood Discovery with this same problem.
    Even the local RV mechanics can’t fix the problem. Would appreciate seeing this article as my April issue never arrived (though I just received my May issue). Thanks


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