What Price, Vanity?

Quick Tip Mirror Hook

I never thought that I would reach the age where I could not open a vanity door. Turns out I was wrong. My motorhome has a vanity cabinet that has a small tab-type pull at the bottom of the bathroom mirror. I began having a hard time getting a hold of the tab and, once I did, the magnet made it nearly impossible to open.

After looking for a fix, I came up with this: I bought a 3M Command removable picture hanger, size large. I then super-glued the insert to the hanger and installed it sideways as the instructions show – just above the tab. There is now a nice hook to pull open the door. If the hanger gets dirty or breaks, I just pull the tab and replace it.

Fred Sarvis | Greendale, Indiana




  1. Good idea. I will add to my arsenal.

    Sometimes, with an over-aggressive magnet latch, I cover the metal strip with tape. I experiment with everything from cellophane to surgical to duct tape to find which will keep it closed when needed and allow me to open without too much of a fight.


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