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Mudflap Protector


When flat-towing a dinghy vehicle, it’s important your motorhome has a mud flap that works. Some of the loose-bristle or brush-type flaps seem to reach a horizontal position when the motorhome is traveling at highway speeds. My solution was to attach a long piece of 1¼-inch galvanized pipe hung with some light chain to the flap to help keep it in place.

Roger Youngman | Fresno, California




  1. After suffering a lot of rock damage to our 2009 Honda Fit thanks to a freshly graveled road (Hwy 97) in Washington, I added a solid rubber mud flap. However due to the configuration of the rear of our 2001 Aerbus, and the hitch, I had to mount it several feet behind the tires instead of at the rear end. It almost touches the ground and seems to be working at keeping the vast majority of rocks away from Jack (our nimble Fit). Because it is so stiff (I had no way to mount it otherwise), I wondered if it would hurt my MPG, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.


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