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RV Reminder Clips

After driving away with my motorhome’s water hose still attached, I looked for a way to make sure I didn’t forget anything so critical the next time I broke camp. A paper checklist seemed too clumsy, so I searched for a solution that worked better for me. I finally hit on beach-towel clips attached to the motorhome’s steering wheel. Each clip has a key tag with a chore that needs to be done before I leave. If your local RV supply store doesn’t carry towel clips, they can be ordered online.

Richard Sturtz | Walloon Lake, Michigan



  1. I like it. But i think in my case i would use a cork board and have specific hooks for the key fobs. Attach the key fob to whatever needs doing. Like hoses, and then put the key fobs back on the board when your done. If there are empty hooks, you need to go looking for key fobs.

  2. I do this with the little plastic clamps from the hardware store. These have a round hole in them and I clamp them around the electric wire, the water hose, TV cable in storage. I also use them to remind me about LP Gas, refrigerator, water heater, back door and the TV AERIAL.
    I put mine on the lowered sun visor; still training my wife not to drive off if there’s one there.

  3. I forgot the electric cord and had to pay for damages. I like this idea, but I have a card with a list that hangs from a string on my dash over my key switch. Even though a check list appears on my odometer when I start the vehicle, I never take time to read an electronic device like the old time hand written card. Haven’t pulled an electric post down again.


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