Solid Satellite Aiming

Satellite dish secured with bungee cords

After aiming my roof-mounted satellite dish for the best reception, I found that a stiff breeze could undo all of my careful work. Sometimes the wind would cause slight rotation; other times the dish would tip ever so slightly. In either case, my precise aiming would be compromised.

To keep the adjustments in place, I stretch a mini-bungee cord from the top of the dish to a solid location on the roof, either to the radio antenna or the bat-wing assembly, depending on the dish’s location when correctly aimed. This eliminates the tilting problem.

To stop rotation, I use another stretched bungee from the 3 o’clock or a 9 o’clock location on the dish to a permanent anchor. This could be the radio antenna or the bat wing, depending on the location of the dish. Now that there’s slight tension on the dish, a very slight adjustment may be needed from inside the coach.

I use this technique whenever we camp in one location for a while; it’s not worth getting up on the roof just for overnight camping. Note: Be very careful whenever accessing the roof of an RV and when using bungee cords.

Frank Woythal | Andover, New York



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