Simple RV Hack to Keep Refrigerator Doors Closed

Bunge and parts to keep refrigerator closed in moving RVAfter installing a residential refrigerator in my Class A motorhome, I immediately found I had a problem: the doors would not stay closed during sharp turns. My solution employs two cable clamps and a shock (bungee) cord to hold the bottom freezer compartment in place, and a hook-and-loop strap to keep the two refrigerator doors closed.

Larry Black | Seymour, Tennessee




  1. Terry D – On our old travel trailer I used heavy duty Velcro. It was about 2 inches wide with really strong adhesive on one side. Put a three x two piece of the fuzzy (loop) fastener on the fridge door near the edge. Then take about a foot long piece of the hook and put 3 inches of the sticky part on the wall right next to where the fuzzy is. Take the remaining 9 inches and fold it over on itself so that the sticky sides stick together.

    When the door is closed you can use the part attached to the wall and hook it to the fuzzy on the door and it will keep the door shut going down the road. When you aren’t using your rig, open the door slightly and only attach the last inch of the hook to the door. This will keep your door held open and aired out, preventing mold and mildew.

  2. And easier way is to buy a refrigerator door latch from total value part number is 031-5479 and comes in two sizes. Phone number 574-262-4460. This is made by Thor. It essentially is a on off mechanical device

  3. My residential fridge has no handles, it opens by pulling trough in door and secures with a screw-in rod. Any suggestions for keeping closed during travel without using the screw-in rod? It can be a pain to open and close while moving.

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