RV Quick Tips: Safety in Numbers

Dinghy Vehicle hook up

As a pilot and former flight instructor, I constantly emphasize the habitual use of a checklist. It goes far to eliminate missing an important step. I suggest using a checklist, written or otherwise, to cover the important steps for connecting a dinghy. It is quite possible to miss one or more of these steps if one feels hurried or if there is a distraction. Of course individual systems will vary, but using my setup as an example, there are eight steps to the process:

1, 2) Left and right connecting pins.
3, 4) Left and right safety cables.
5) Connection for brakelights on dinghy vehicle.
6) Air cable connection for brake pressure in dinghy vehicle (if so equipped).
7) Breakaway wire cable (applies brakes in dinghy vehicle in emergency).
8) Placing of brake activation device in dinghy vehicle.

A good habit is to do each of these steps in the same sequence each time. While connecting the dinghy, I count the steps, so I know that if my count is fewer than eight, I must have missed a step.

Robert Fornefeld | Scottsdale, Arizona



  1. One important tip when hooking up the toad, is don’t let anyone help, or talk to you that is not involved with the actual hookup. One day my grandson started asking questions and I totally forgot what I was doing. Needles to say I started at step one.


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