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Quick Tips - Anti-Theft System

I didn’t like the plastic lock available to secure my new – and expensive – surge protector. So, I purchased two 3⁄8-inch-by-2-inch lap (repair) chain links and a lock. The repair links need to be placed in a vise and spread open with a large screwdriver or pry bar. After fitting one over the surge-protector cable and another over the shorepower line, press them closed with large pliers. Insert the lock and you have added anti-theft protection for less than $20.

Mike Sivila | Grass Valley, California



  1. I like your suggestion but for those RV’s with electrical connections on the side of the RV, you need to add a short chain that loops the power pole (hook-up) and passes through your long lock. This prevents the electrical cable from being disconnected from the RV and the cable and surge protector being taken.

  2. How common are thefts of surge protectors? I guess I’ve just been lucky, never heard of a theft.
    Oh yeah, we take 2 extended trips each year. In the spring you may find us west of the Mississippi and in the fall, usually somewhere along the Appalachian. We are on and off the road before school is out for the summer and after is resumes. We found this to be at popular spots less congested, easier to get around making the experience more enjoyable and the weather much more comfortable. May be another reason we haven’t experienced thievery in the parks.
    Hold the phone, just remembered that 20 years ago, traveling from Branson Missouri with both of my kids in our travel trailer at the time, we stopped overnight at a KOA at Vicksburg, Mississippi. The next morning, preparing to get back on the road, I discovered that someone had broken into one of our outside compartments, taken some tools and also tried to break into my truck by forcing the door lock, destroying it. Scary, it had to have happened while we were asleep. Neither of us heard a thing and the trailer compartment broken into was under our master bed. I do carry things to protect ourselves from bad people, but, in this event we were completely unaware until after the fact. From this experience we try not to stay in parks that also have long term local renters.

    • How is the metal clamp “opened” so it can be put over the cord?

      Are the clamps available in hardware stores or where?


  3. Perhaps using three padlocks would work…use two smaller-shanked locks in place of the chain links and use a longer-shanked lock to hook the two together (as in the original configuration) The whole contraption could be installed/removed easily instead of needing to pry open the links. And one might just be able to buy three keyed-alike locks or combination locks.

  4. This can also be accomplished with 2 locks and a small piece of chain. Great idea for sure but can be done without the added work of opening a chain link!


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