Quick Tips: Simple Hose Control

Hose Manifold

I have hoses to the water softener and filter, coach city-water inlet, macerator and holding tank flush on my motorhome, and I have been using a group of Y hose connectors that have not worked very well. To simplify the process, I used good old American ingenuity and built a water manifold that has the capability of turning on or off each outlet. I used 11⁄2-inch PVC pipe and off-the-shelf parts to build the manifold. I also valved the source so there aren’t any trips to the faucet to turn off the water.

Alan Mark l Parker, Colo.

Editor’s note: Any time you are hooking hoses up to multiple locations in the motorhome from a single water source, be sure to use anti-backflow preventers to protect yourself from possible contamination.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I own a 1995 Newmar 34 foot Class A motorhome. Although the motorhome is generally in good condition, due to an accident some years back, in which the windshield had to be replaced, the windshield has shifted. The windshield post have shifted. I am interested in two possibilities.
    One is to find a salvage dealer in this area who would buy the unit for parts. It has a 250 HP cummings diesel and a 5 speed Allison transmission. The mileage is about 90.000.
    The other option would be to have the post straightened and restore unit to use. I am sure this would involve a large expense.
    Please advise me as to either a salvage dealer in my area and the probability of a successful repair.


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