Quick Tips: Making Bed Room

Graphic of 8-inch-thick memory foam mattress hovering over wooden board


I have a tip for a bed modification that I think will help those RVers who would like to sleep on a high-quality 60-by-80-inch bed even though their slide will only allow for a 74-inch-long mattress. I recently upgraded to an 8-inch-thick memory foam mattress that I purchased from QVC for $435. I did not want to cut the mattress, so I just lifted the bed up when the slide was all the way in. That allowed enough room for the extra 6 inches with room to spare.

Today, I installed an extension board 5.5-by-60 inches with rounded corners and hinged so that it can be folded under the bed mattress when the slide is in. I let the extension down when the slide is out and I still have plenty of room to walk around. Now I get a great night’s sleep and have no more restlessness or back problems. Plus, I can use standard queen-size sheets.

– Delbert Zirkle | Lakeland, Ga. 

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