Quick Tips: Lights, Please

Motorhome Quick Tip: front door light

Finding the lock to my RV’s entry door in the dark can be challenging. I found a very lightweight, low-cost (about $3) 4 LED Auto PIR Infrared IR Wireless Sensor Motion Detector Keyhole Lamp on eBay. The lamp uses one AA battery and has been working perfectly since last May. It is motion-activated and stays lit from 6 to 8 seconds — just enough time to insert the key and unlock the door. The lamps are available in silver, silver-plated, gold or white finish housings and can be attached with double-sided tape or small screws (I used 3M VHB tape). I also mounted a second light inside the motorhome, behind a valance, above the entry step. It lights the entry step and could prove invaluable as an escape light in an emergency, plus it adds a touch of safety when entering or exiting the motorhome.

Doug Warnecke | Harwood, North Dakota



  1. The briskair Duo-Therm A/C it was running great now all if a sudden it will kick down then after a min or so it will work right,then it will do it again what is going on???????


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