Quick Tips: Bayonet Busters

Quick Tip - Bayonet Busters


After bayonet-type fittings have been in service for a few weeks, disassembling the connections for packing away the sewer hose can become a chore. And, as we continue to age, our grip becomes a little less firm. So, looking at the water-filter canister for my freshwater system, I came up with this idea for a “wrench” to help disconnect the fittings. I used two 4 1/4-inch inside-diameter canister wrenches that are used on the water canisters. By cutting them for placing over the hose and removing the center remaining cleat, the wrench fits nicely behind the raised grip-nodules on the bayonet fittings of opposing connectors for easy removal. Shortening the handles reminds me that these are for the bayonet fittings rather than for the freshwater filter canisters.
Marshall Buzzell | Lake Havasu City, Arizona



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