Quick Tip: A Simple Sewer Dump Solution

30-inch sprinkler valve key

For those of us who own an RV with the gray- and black-water trap valve under the RV and find it hard to reach without getting on your knees, I came up with a solution.

I went to Home Depot, and for $3.50, I purchased a 30-inch sprinkler valve key and bent the fork end in a 90-degree angle to the handle. Now I use the fork end to pull the slide valve open to dump and also use the fork end to push the valves closed – all without getting on my knees! I hope this little hint helps others.

 Bruce Anthony | San Diego

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  1. Greasy equilizer hitch bars???? how to protect other stuff from a little grease (wife gets upset when I get greasy)? Hello, we tow a 28 ft travel trailer and I have always used a little grease on the ball hitch and also the short angled end of the 2 equilizer bars. Who has a solution for protecting other stuff from the greased bar ends when they are not towing? Also, how do you secure them from ‘loss’ when at camp other than locking them up in the storage bin? I have thought of mashing the threaded bolt ends and pad locking them to the A frame somehow. Thoughts and thanks.

    • I cover my ball hitch with an old washcloth and then tie a plastic grocery sack on it before removing from my truck. Saves me from getting greasy. The guys at the dealership thought it was funny but they don’t do my laundry so it really didn’t bother me.

  2. very helpful tips! How about fixing (probably changing) the seal in a toilet when the water will no longer stay in the bowl after flushing?

  3. After setting up camp after a long hot trip open the engine hood and let the hot air escape to the outside air. Otherwise the hot air seeps through the floor and heats up the inside of the coach.


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