Put On the Squeeze

Quick Tip - Squeeze Bottle for Battery

Filling the coach and starting batteries is often a difficult task, and one that can be hazardous, but I found a way to simplify this messy job by repurposing a plastic bottle. A stand-on-its-head ketchup bottle and a piece of ¼-inch plastic tubing make an excellent battery water filler. Remove the bottle’s labels, open the outer cover, drill a hole through the center of the threaded cover and insert a ¼-inch plastic tube (approximately 24 inches in length) into the bottle to reach the bottom. (Drill the hole about a millimeter smaller than the tube for a tight fit.) To use, fill the bottle with distilled water, insert the open end of the tube into the battery and gently squeeze the bottle. Caution: Wear eye protection and do not overfill the battery cells. A permanent marker can be used to label the bottle as desired.

Doug Warnecke | Harwood, North Dakota




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