Oil-Filler Helper

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Many owners of Class A motorhomes find it difficult to replace, or even add, a quart or two of oil during a trip. Engine platforms are generally built for trucks with hoods so the oil filler tubes are hard to access in many coaches. The oil filler tube in my 2011 Fleetwood Southwind is about 4 inches from the top of the engine compartment, and the space limitation makes it almost impossible for me to add oil.

I found that an inexpensive way to resolve the problem is to buy a 3-foot length of clear plastic tubing and a funnel. Attach the funnel to one end and insert the other into the oil filler tube. The two insert plugs are used to stop oil leakage from the tube while in storage. Total cost was less than $8.

Thomas Michalski | St. Petersburg, Florida



  1. Oil filler helper – I use the same thing to also drain my oil on my Class A F-53 chassis so that the oil doesn’t drip on the front suspension.


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