No Shake, Rattle or Roll

Quick Tip Glass Holder

We like to use glassware in our motorhome. After trying a few ideas to keep the glasses in the cabinets while on the road, I came up with this solution. I didn’t have any luck finding 2-inch-wide foam to line the floor of the cabinet, so I decided to use two 1-inch pieces of foam and glued them together. After the foam was completely dry, I measured the shelf where I wanted the glasses to rest, and cut a piece of foam exactly to fit. I didn’t want the foam to slide around. Once I had the size I wanted, I traced the top rims of the glasses, about an inch apart or so, and cut slits in the foam to keep the glasses in place. I found the best tool to cut the foam is a very sharp carpenter’s knife. Once I glued the foam to the shelf, the glasses always stay in place.

Bev Milligan | Hooper, Nebraska



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