MotorHome Quick Tips: See-through Storage

Quick Tips-Storage Bins Illustration

Storage in a motorhome is always an important subject, and having read different ideas in recent issues, I’d like to share my method. I use clear plastic tubs for storage. The translucent tubs, which are available at stores such as Walmart, come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have two or three drawers. They work great in the cabinets above the couch and chairs and, of course, the basement bays. The tubs ensure that all materials are securely contained and readily available. A lid is particularly important if carrying liquids (wax, cleaners, etc.). For added convenience, mark the contents with a felt-tip pen on the facing side of the plastic container. Plus, if careful measurements are made for each area, the neatness and convenience these bins afford will add to the overall satisfaction.

Bob Fornefeld | Scottsdale, Arizona



  1. When we were first setting up our motor home I purchased sets of see through shoe boxes, first to store shoes, and then to store other items in our overhead bins. It was the best thing I ever did in terms of organization, ease of cupboards remaining as they are while traveling and the ease of find exactly what I need when I need it. I have recommended this to so many people now and glad to see Motor Home Magazine promoting the idea.


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