Motorhome Quick Tip: Think Vertical

The storage space in our compact Class B is limited, which requires us to get creative. The two rules we have are: square is best for containers, and think vertical! Finding a place to store our baseball-type caps was an issue, so I came up with a vertical solution made of easy-to-find materials. I used a durable piece of ribbon and sewed on sturdy plastic clothespins to hold the caps. We mounted it to a section of wall by the door and it has worked really well. The caps are out of the way, but still easily accessible when we are heading out on sunny days.

Rhonda van Heyst | via email



  1. A quarter cup of white vinegar and enough baking soda to make a paste will clean anything in the RV safely and efficiently. From rugs to tubs and sinks – all clean and vinegar disinfects as well. You can also resigned your headlight with this mix and a little elbow grease


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