Motorhome Quick Tip: No Spill in the Cone Zone

Water Filter in DIY stand made from traffic cone

After deciding to add an external filter for the city-water connection to our Class A motorhome, I looked for an economical way to keep it upright. I purchased an orange traffic cone and cut off the top to accommodate the filter assembly. The cone holds the filter upright and off the ground, and is highly visible for the departure walk around and final mirror check. Traffic cones are readily available at home-improvement stores and online.

Doug Warnecke | Harwood, North Dakota



  1. Doug, there are filters available (purpose designed)that connect between your hose and R.V. that install at either end of your hose that when installed properly, are not trip hazards and don’t require any shaking re-engineering of the hose end.
    Made by CAMCO the proper hose connection is included in the single kit and a two filter replacement pack is available at Walmart for under $30.00 or around $40.00 at your local overpriced RV store. Keep your regulator, you will still need that to protect your RV water system. You may also need a brass elbow with hose connectors to complete the connection to your RV. The elbows are also available at Walmart or your favorite overpriced RV store. Between your goofy hose end held together with a hose clamp and the unnecessary, unprotected flimsy pressure gauge installed in the pressure regulator it looks like you have two system integrity issues along with the trip hazard.
    As a suggestion, I recommend you also invest in a more heavy duty water hose. The basic hose is also a weak link in a well regulated water system. I’ve seen a few that left in the sun under pressure without water flow for long periods of time, become hot, expand and burst.

  2. In all fairness to Doug, it is a good hack. The issues that Bryan raise are also valid ones.
    I personally would prefer Doug’s idea over the metal frame that they sell that you push into the ground and accommodates the filter housing. In fact, I may just retire my metal holder in favor of this concept.

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