Motorhome Quick Tip: Drawer Lock

I was irritated by the kitchen drawers sliding open in my 2017 Winnebago View when making right turns. After one of the drawer guides finally broke, I came up with this simple idea on how to keep the drawers closed while driving. I used two flat corner braces for brackets that are screwed into the underside of the countertop and lower frame. I cut them to size and drilled holes for the rod. The rod is made from a fiberglass driveway marker cut to size and should not leave any marks on the drawer faces. The whole project cost me about $5 in parts from Home Depot. We added the “Remove Before Flight” banner as a remembrance of our visit to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and a reminder to put it in place before hitting the road.

John Peterson | Centennial, Colorado



  1. This month thee are two interesting ways to keep drawers from opening when cornering. I have a much easier method. I attached a 1″ x 4″ piece of adhesive backed hook and loop, (Velcro), one side to the backside of the drawer front, and the other side to the cabinet face, ( the easiest way to do this is mate the hook and loop together, remove the protective liner from one and attach it. Then remove the other protective liner and close the drawer.) Works like a charm on our heaviest drawer.


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