MotorHome Quick Tip: DIY Tire Fill

At left is a photo of the tire filler I use on my Tiffin Class A motorhome. The red line connects to the air source from the compressor, while the gauge is actually part of a cross tee with three finger valves. The black line has a Buick connector (quick-connect) that attaches to the valve stem so you don’t need to hold the line to the valve stem; control the finger valves as needed by the compressor. This MotorHome Quick Tip makes tire inflation easier than ever.
Fred Clark | via email

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  1. Tire Fill and other DIY comments would be much more useful it it included links, or locations of where to purchase items, or components, to assemble our own versions. If they are not includedin the submission, researching them, and adding the links would make this segment actually useful, and not just filler copy !

  2. You can get stand-off tire air valves and gages at most auto parts stores.
    When airing high pressure tires it’s always a good idea to air the tire from a position forward or behind the tire. The same recommendation when checking for hot tires. Tires blow at the weakest point and that is the side wall. Hot tires blow after they have stopped rolling because they are no longer being cooled by moving air and then have heat build up.
    What is a high pressure tire. Any tire that holds air. The internal volume escaping at high velocity, higher if super heated can and has killed by debris strikes or heart attacks cause by very loud exploding tires. The higher the volume at higher pressures the more explosive they become. People have been killed by small tires holding less than 20 lbs of pressure. If your bus RV has a flange type wheel, many people have lost their head from a flying flange.
    Tire safety is a real thing. Treat your tires as potential bombs. That’s exactly what they are.

  3. Excellent point Bryan !
    Folks look at truck service trucks, most have a cage type device in the back of their truck, it’s to put the tire in while inflating, in case it blows !
    Can’t find a locking inflater valve that holds up. Guess I’m going to have to pay big $$$$ to get on that lasts.


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