Motorhome Quick Tip: Another Noodle Use

Pool noodles used to quiet RV window shades

While driving, I noticed an annoying clanking sound in my Thor Quantum Class C. I discovered the new-style pull-down shades were banging against the window frame. This same sound would occur whenever the windows were open and a breeze blowed in. After purchasing a swimming noodle (2¼-inch diameter), I cut it into 4-inch sections and then slit them so they could be slipped onto the ends of the shades. The fit between the valance and window eliminated the noisy, swinging shades. The noodles can be left in place without any effect on the operation of the shades.

Jim Mann | Watervliet, Michigan

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  1. Used several of your tips and have winterized both of our campers. We place dryer sheets inside and the camper is fresh come spring.


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