Motorhome Quick Tip: Ankle Saver

Photos showing use of plywood to cover motorhome stairwell

We have owned several types of RVs. The one thing I can say about Class A motorhomes is that the step-well inside is fine for getting in and out, but walking around at night in the dark, for us and our dogs, can be dangerous, as the large hole in the floor becomes a trip hazard (think twisted ankles or other injuries). To fix that situation, I used a ¾-inch sheet of plywood. I cut it to the size to cover the large opening and I finished the job by lightly burning the wood and applying a light covering of polyurethane to avoid splinters. I then placed a recessed loop for a grip to pick the step cover up easily. I also placed L-brackets on the bottom side of the plywood to act as stops to prevent the sheet of plywood from shifting while on the road.

Mark Hood | Las Cruces, New Mexico


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  1. I did the exact same thing as our 16 year old animal companion is completely blind and fell down the well once. On quick reflection, it occurred to me that I was training our beloved pet (as well as ourselves) to step there… a very bad idea should you forget or opt not to put down the cover. We instead picked up a few feet of plastic garden fence and fashioned a foldable barrier to keep everyone from accidentally falling in the well. So far so good.

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