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Quick Tip - Bathroom Light

We purchased a new motorhome that did not come with illuminated on/off control switches. When entering the RV in the dark we could not see the various control switches mounted low by the entry wall. Additionally, finding the bathroom-light or fan switches in the dark in the middle of the night was a big problem.

I came up with a simple, low-cost solution: small LED motion-sensing light bars. These $10-$15 lights run on AAA batteries, are very small and only turn on when it is dark and motion is detected. These can be found online, at home improvement stores or even RV-supply stores.

QT-motion-light-I mainly use sensor lights that turn on the LED lights for a limited time, and installed several in key areas where I need to see other switches in the dark, and in hard-to-see dark areas of lower cabinets. I also installed a motion-sensor light/alarm near the entry, which is helpful not only for security but also to let us know should our grandson decide to bolt away in the night.

Greg and Marlena Colella | Rancho Cucamonga, California





  1. WOW! this is a great idea. My only comment is that I will you would have included the make and model of the lighs you used. They look great.
    Paul T.


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