Keep Critters Out

Black tank shield with hatches

We used to dry camp within 200 miles of home and only dumped our black-water tank when we returned. With just the two of us, we can do two weeks on the black tank easily in our 1999 Fleetwood Flair 34D. For gray water, we have an on-board two-stage filtration and disinfection package so that was never an issue.
In June, we retired and hit the road, staying in RV parks where sewer hookup is routine. I was concerned about mice getting into the motorhome via the opening for the sewer hose. I fashioned a simple shield out of ½-inch plywood, two bolts and two old-fashioned trunk latches. The shield surrounds the hatch in the compartment and pinches down around the sewer hose. The project took me about an hour to complete.

Walter A. Baumgartner | Boise, Idaho



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