Hook ‘Em!

Quick Tips Hooks-n-grills

The oven in our RV is a microwave convection, and we found that we use the microwave far more often than the convection function. So, we needed a way to keep the large convection racks in a convenient but out-of-the-way place.

I came up with the idea of screwing two brass closet hooks to a high spot on the bedroom wall that is covered by the slide when it’s retracted. The shallow area is perfectly suited for this. When the convection oven is needed, we take out the turntable and put in one of the racks. The hooks serve a double purpose. When the baking is done the hot rack can be removed right away and hung back on the hooks (be sure to use oven mitts). The second rack that was left there keeps the hot one from touching and damaging the wall before it cools. As an additional bonus, the hooks can be used to hang small items such as hooded sweatshirts or purses out of the way in the bedroom, even with the racks in place.

Tom Becker | Bernalillo, New Mexico



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