Hold That Hose

Quick Tips - Sewer Slinky Hose Kit

You set up camp, make all your attachments and assume things will be fine. But hot weather and repeated dumping of the tanks causes the sewer hose to slump even though you use one of those slinky-like devices.

My solution: Purchase 8 feet of 4-inch PVC drainpipe. Cut into 2- to 4-foot sections and then rip each section lengthwise. You can now create a perfect channel for your sewer hose to lie in while using the slinky for a proper slope. Any length from 4 to 16 feet is possible.

Jim Stroh | Loveland, Colorado



  1. I do believe there is already a expandable tray available in the market. It has 3 sections that slide outward depending on the distance needed. That being said, one day and hopefully soon THEZLD will become available where you do not have to worry about setting up your sewer hose to dump your waste. THEZLD which is in the final stages of testing will be able to eliminate the black and gray waste while you are driving to your next destination. It will become a viable alternative to having to “hook up” and chance your hose slipping or even coming loose and dumping your waste on to the campground. Go to http://www.thezld.com to see this amazing green technology.


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