Galley Towel Bar

Quick Tips - Towelbar illustration

My coach came with a small towel bar affixed to the underside of the front lip on the stovetop. When I open or close the drawer directly underneath, I have to move the towel to the side. I fixed this by buying an 18-inch towel bar and mounting it on the wood panel on the refrigerator door. I unscrewed and discarded the large trim plates from the bar’s end pieces and the mounting hardware. Then I bought two flathead machine screws of the proper thread to fit the end pieces, and just long enough to go through the panel thickness and screw into them. I removed the top trim from the door and the retaining screws, and slid the panel up far enough to allow access to the back of the panel (have a helper hold it in place). I measured the distance between the end pieces, drilled and countersunk the screws, mounted the bar, slid the panel down into position, and replaced the top trim and screws.

Tom Becker | Bernalillo, New Mexico



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