Freshwater Sun Protection

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We traveled to Texas in August for our shakedown cruise in our new coach. The first thing we found was the freshwater line got extremely warm while attached between the coach and the water supply. We tried to provide shade for it by tucking it under various objects, none of which worked well. While shopping at Walmart, we bought an 11-by-11-by-12-inch soft-sided insulated cooler that was sturdy, had a carrying strap, a zipper and was washable.

We tucked the excess coils of the freshwater line into the case leaving only what was necessary to attach out. It provided sun coverage, thus keeping the amount of sun-heated water to a minimum. While we were in camp, we stored the cooler and hose under the coach, and when it came time to break camp we drained the hose, coupled it together, tucked in our pressure regulator and placed them into the new carrying case. Because we can zip it shut, we don’t worry about dirt or other substances getting to the line. Plus, if the hose leaked, the water wouldn’t harm other items stored in the same bay.


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