Fence the Hose In

Quick Tip - Sewer Hose

I needed a new sewer hose carrier for my RV. According to reviews of the Valterra EZ hose carrier, the inside diameter seems to be a half-inch smaller than the fittings on most sewer hoses, so I decided to make my own since trimming the hoses to fit didn’t make much sense.

I bought a 5-inch-square vinyl fence post (end post) and two caps. The posts are 7 feet long with three rectangular holes for fence rails. I cut the post to the desired length, taped over the rail holes inside and out, put on the caps and drilled a small hole for a cotter pin to hold them in place. I attached a nylon cord to the pin and the cover to keep from losing them. It can be bolted on or mounted with straps to the rear bumper.

Joe Tryman | Blaine, Minnesota



  1. I am going to use this idea for attaching the caps on mine. Thanks for the advice on the vinyl fence posts. Will keep that in mind for when mine need replacing.


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