Easy City-Water Connection

easy water connection

The city-water connection to my motorhome was poorly designed. Because it’s plastic, it’s rather time-consuming to connect, and I feared I would eventually cross-thread it. Also, whenever I disconnected the water supply, I was sprayed with water due to the pressure build-up.

To solve the plastic problem, I installed a female quick connect to the motorhome’s water inlet. I fashioned a dust cap by attaching a standard hose cap to a male coupling. I drilled a small hole in the cap and knotted a cord on the inside so that I could secure the cord to the motorhome to prevent misplacing the dust cap.

On to the pressure issue: The water hose has a male coupling on one end to attach to the RV. The opposite end of the hose has a Y connector with valves to allow releasing the water pressure prior to removing the hose. I also carry spare quick connects as I expect the O-ring seals to fail at some point.

Robert Stoner | Wyoming, Minnesota




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