Dish Defender

Quick Tip - Pegs to save dishes and glass Illustration


In our motorhome, nothing in the cabinets stayed in place while we were on the road. I came up with a good solution. I started with a ¾-inch-thick white pine board and trimmed it to the depth of the cabinets. I then took ¾-inch-diameter wooden dowel rods and cut them down to 4-inch segments. Next I placed the cups, dishes and bowls in the cabinets and marked where I wanted to put the dowel rods. Then I used a drill press to make holes all the way through the pine-board base. I used four rods placed equally around each plate, cup or bowl. This allows for securing a stack of plates without shifting. Now when we set up camp, we pull one or two rods out of the board for total access to the cabinet items.

Eric Matlack | Via email



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