Curbside Convenience

tire hose holder


To make it more convenient to spray things off, I ran a hose from the street-side utility bay. A Y-fitting with valves was used to split the incoming water supply, and then the hose was routed across the basement to the curbside. I placed a hook near the curbside storage door so that the hose is within easy reach. The valve is used so that the hose does not remain pressurized all of the time reducing the risk of leaking. For further convenience, two shelf brackets bolted together back-to-back make a great way to hang the hose on the rear tire so it’s ready for quick use. Now I can easily rinse off picnic tables upon arrival, and clean muddy bikes, shoes, the grill and lawn furniture before stowing for departure. This has saved me a lot of time lugging things over to the spigot on the street side.

Len Benkosky | Scottsdale, Ariz.




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