Comfort for Your Canine

canine comfort

With two adults and two dogs traveling together in a small Class C, we needed a place where the dogs could sleep as well as look out of the windows when we were camping. I built a sleeping platform with a hinged section that extends over the passenger’s foot well. When folded, the unit easily stores on top of our retracted slide.

To make it, I attached carpeting to a piece of heavy-duty cardboard cut to fit the space between the driver’s door and the passenger’s door. Then I cut out notches to accommodate the edges of the seats and the cup holder console. To provide added strength to the cardboard, I glued 1-by-3-inch wood pieces to the underside. The final step was the extension over the passenger-side foot well. I cut a piece of ¼-inch plywood to fit the area, drilled a hole in each side and added hinges. When we set up the platform, we attach one hook to the console and the other to the entry assist handle.

Robert Falk lSequim, Wash.


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